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Food Find: Ramen Express by Chef Woo

I had wandered by the Ramen Express by Chef Woo cups many times at Safeway in the ramen aisle, but finally caved and tried them recently.

There are a couple of differences between Ramen Express and the more common “cup of noodles” we are used to.

First, it isn’t in a foam cup. Trash wise, this is a lot easier to deal with on the trail. And for me, I hate the scraping sound on foam cups when I (very rarely) indulge.

The second thing you notice is the noodles are more like Lo Mein noodles and don’t appear to have been fried (I could be wrong, but they sure don’t look fried). The noodles rehydrate to thick noodles.

No MSG added. The flavor is cleaner than the old standbys.

The noodles are vegan/plant based so open an option for some.

To make them? Best tip? Boil the water, and fill to the top, then cover the lids to keep flat. Let them sit for 10 minutes, ignoring the usual 3 minute time. Open up, stir well. If you like the broth, drink it. If not, carefully drain a bunch off. Then eat like pasta.

They were satisfying to the belly, and didn’t feel quite as processed as the old school cup of noodles do. The texture of the noodles was like eating freshly cooked pasta.

They are not as cheap as the old standby, but worth the cost if you are craving it.


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