Bacon Sushi

This recipe somehow offended so many people when I made it – as a joke years ago for April’s Fool Day. I can only think of a couple recipes (yes RECIPES) that managed to get people so worked up…that they emailed me to tell me I needed to consider my mental state. I take that as a win, since it got to live rent-free in their minds.

But here’s the thing: this works. It’s salty and sweet. And kids love it. It’s a fun treat, especially to motivate children when on trips.

So I went back recently and revisited it and made it even better (or grosser, depending on your view).

The ingredients.

Let’s not get all snobby – it’s OK to once in a while have crappy processed food. This time around I used Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme, where the first time I used Marshmallow Fluff. Came down to what was easier to find locally when shopping.

For the shelf stable bacon strips, it depends on the store. I prefer the uncured versions, but I cannot always find it. So Jimmy Dean it was this time. I always plan using bacon in 2 meals back to back when taking it with me. It’s OK for the day once opened, but you want to consume it within 12 or so hours.

Find the sugar in the cake decorating section at most grocery stores. It’s place is to look like the Tobiko fish roe (eggs) that are sprinkled on top of sushi. While orange is the traditional color, you will see it in black and red as well. So red it was, as that was easy to source.

Lay out the bacon, and spread on the gooey marshmallow creme/fluff.

Roll up, and sprinkle on the sugar “eggs”. Serve and enjoy. And if you are fancy, bring your best backpacking chopsticks. And have less sticky fingers.

Bacon Sushi


Bring a couple new paper towels. Lay out as a work area.

Lay out bacon strips.

Spread fluff on a bacon strip, roll up tightly and sprinkle on sugar “eggs”.

This recipe was done tongue in cheek on the old Freezer Bag Cooking blog years ago as an April Fool’s post. Don’t knock it till you try it though – it is salty and sweet.

The original photo.