Tortilla Pan Pizza

Tortilla Pan Pizza



Spread sauce as desired on a tortilla, slice the cheese into coins and sprinkle on top. Place pot or frypan lid on stove, heat quickly over a medium flame. Add in tortilla, lower flame as low as you can and put a lid or piece of foil over the pot, let heat for a few minutes, keeping a close eye on it. Lift pot if needed just a bit off the flame if heating too fast. Tortilla will be golden brown on bottom and crispy, cheese will be melted.

Gently shake to release and slide out.

Repeat as desired.


Each pouch of sauce makes about 3 pizzas, depending on how thick of sauce you like.

Measure the inside dimensions of your pot to determine what size tortillas to buy. Taco size and below works best.

For best results, use a wide and shallow pot or frypan lid (for easy removal).

String cheese will carry for up to a few days, unless you are in hot and humid environment. Keep in plastic wrap until use, it can be frozen before you leave as well.