Tuna & Avo Sammies

Tuna & Avo Sammies



Drain the tuna, flake/chunk into a bag or bowl, add in enough oil for tuna to stick together, season with salt and pepper. Spread a bit more oil on the bread slices.

Meanwhile, split the avocado carefully, pop out the pit (with your spoon, not that stupid way every freakin’ celebrity chef shows it, with a huge knife. Do that and you risk stabbing yourself!!), run the spoon along the inside and pop out the flesh. Drop into a clean bag or bowl, mash-up.

Spread half the avocado on the bread slices, top with tuna, then drop on remaining avocado. Sprinkle on a bit more pepper and a drizzle of oil if desired.

The original recipes notes adding vinegar. I had forgotten about it, although it probably would taste great as well. Minimus carries balsamic vinegartable vinegar and red wine vinegar in packets, 1 packet would be plenty. Or bring a packet of lemon juice/a small fresh lemon and add that.

PS: To carry an avocado, wrap in paper towels, tuck into your cooking pot or mug. Take a mostly hard one and it’ll ripen up within a day.