Handcrafted Hemp Seed Butter

Hulled hemp seeds are one of the few seed options our youngest can eat freely, with no allergy fears, such as with sunflower seeds. However, finding hemp seed butter in stores isn’t easy. Hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp milk are becoming more consumer friendly, but the butter isn’t to where say almond is. You might find it at Whole Foods, but not at your local Kroger!

Hemp oil is made from the hemp seed, from the female plants. It has no THC in it. People get confused about the differences between industrial hemp and cannabis (marijuana), but it is pretty simple. Both come from Cannabis Sativa plants, which yes, can contain THC (what gets one high) in the plant parts. However, the seed part is edible with no THC. It’s also rich in chlorophyl, which gives the deep green color in the oil, and in the finished butter. It also can have a strong flavor and aroma, the medjool dates help tame that.

Hemp Seed Butter



In a high-speed blender, add the ingredients. Work on lower speeds, pushing down with the tamper, to grind the seeds, to the texture you prefer.

Taste for sweetness and salt, add more if desired.

Store tightly sealed, in the refrigerator.

Makes about 14 ounces.