Chai Ginger Pudding

Chai Ginger Pudding


At home:

Dice the ginger up finely. Add it, the pudding mix and dry milk to a pint freezer bag or sandwich bag.

In camp:

Add a shy 1 cup cold water, seal tightly and shake for a couple minutes. Find a cold creek or snowbank to stash the pudding in. Let sit for 10 minutes or longer to finish setting up.

Top with more ginger and cinnamon if desired.

Serves 2.
You will want ½ of a 4 serving box, usually around 3 to 4 ounces in size, for the pudding mix.
We used un-crystallized candied ginger (it’s candied, but not crusted in extra sugar). You can of course use any version. Candied ginger is expensive if you buy it in the spice aisle, look with the dried fruit or in bulk sections of spices to get it cheaply!