Cappuccino Pudding

This sweet and creamy dessert is easy to mix up, but it comes with a seasonal warning. Pudding recipes work best when you have nature’s refrigerator to help you chill it. You want either a cold weather trip, or access to a cold stream – or a snow bank – to stash the pudding in, to chill it. It will firm that way.
Cappuccino Pudding
FBC Method:

In a quart freezer or sandwich bag pack the pudding, milk, espresso and cinnamon powders.

Take 2 cups very cold water, add to the bag and seal well. Shake for 2 minutes till it starts to thicken, making sure no powder is in the bag corners.

Stash the pudding rest in a cold snow bank, stream or lake for 20 minutes to an hour (make it before you make dinner for best results).

Serves 2 to 4.
Instant espresso powder can be found in grocery stores, often on the top shelf, in the coffee aisle. I recommend using instant espresso, not instant coffee, for best flavor.
If you like cinnamon use the whole amount, if not go halfsies.
While I prefer a dry milk with whole fat normally, I find in cold preparations that non-fat or 1% works best. It just dissolves so much easier.
If you are car camping, and weight isn’t an issue? Take shelf stable milk instead. You can get it in 1 cup and 4 cup boxes. Find it often near the cereal aisle or in the juice aisle. Depends on the store.