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Local Adventures: The čičməhán Trail at North Beach

Part of our hiking this week was a goal to touch two areas in one day, and to get to North Beach, a Jefferson County owned park/access to the beach along the Salish Sea that is in Port Townsend, Washington. Well, to my surprise, Alistaire called out “Mom! Look a čičməhán Trail sign!” as we approached the parking lot on foot, coming out of Fort Worden to it.

I hadn’t realized it was part of the “trail” and well that was a bonus. It might be summer, but the learning doesn’t stop. Suddenly we had history to learn and more to talk about. Not just a simple beach access. This is point 17 on the trail.

I found it funny as we took a break there that Google lists the beach access as “not usually busy at this time” and the parking lot was nearly full. Lots of people enjoying the low tide and the views across the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. I can see why so many people visit the beach here. It’s easy to get to…and it a back door entrance to Fort Worden State Park. The area right off of the parking lot is fields, making it desirable for a place to walk dogs.

Partly why the beach is so popular is this is an access point to reach Glass Beach, which is a shy 6 miles round trip from here (though it comes with many, many warnings on not getting cliffed out by high tide – and something you must be REALLY aware of!).

The park is at 5880 Kuhn Street. It is free to use. It has port a potties, trash cans, park benches and picnic tables, including one covered area. Parking is ample but is busy. Dogs on leash and pick poop.

It’s a great stop in a busy day, and would be nice for a picnic and beach walking/combing….as well as free access to the state park next door (cough).


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