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Thrive Freeze-Dried December Specials

Every month Thrive Life offers a ‘delivery pack’ at a good discount off of retail prices (often 30%). The packs are a way to affordably buy more freeze-dried goods for your hiker pantry. Or your prep shelter. Either or both 😉 And hey, Winter is nearly here. Where we live, on an island, we have lost power 3 times this Fall already, and for multiple days. We eat freeze-dried food every time, using TrailCooking recipes. No suffering for us.

December’s pack includes Red Bell Pepper, Corn, Chicken Slices, Raspberries, Scrambled Egg Mix (it can be used as eggs in recipes as a bonus), Instant Milk, and Onions. All are the ‘Pantry Can’ size, which are perfect for hiking season. You will use up the can quickly, where as the large #10 Family Cans can be hard to get through quickly.

The pack sells retail at $138.21, or if you do the Monthly Delivery Service, it is $117.48. Shipping is included and is usually quite fast via UPS. It ships from Utah. The monthly packs are discounted by 15% for retail, and 30% for monthly signups. I do the monthly delivery because it helps build our long-term food storage up, most packs offered are under $120, so easy to budget so you can build up stock.

To check it out, click here and go to Shop, then December Specials, and then December Specials Pack.


FTC Disclaimer: We are a Thrive consultant, and make an affiliate bonus on sales. Having said that, we love Thrive products and feel they are one of the best in the freeze-dried food industry.

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