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Commercial Meal Review: To Go Bowls from Thrive

Single serving meals packed in a grab and go cup, the To Go Bowls from Thrive are popular, and not too pricey. Retail for them is in the $4 to $5 range* (see at the end).

My friend Kelly, who is a Thrive consultant, gave me a couple to try out, to see what we thought about them, when I was trying out their freeze-dried ingredients this past summer, to see what I thought about the quality.

They carry a number of varieties. Each cup requires only a small amount of water and 10 to 15 minutes wait time.

The only downside is they can be hard to find in stock. They are that popular. So while I am reviewing them now, you may not be able to find them for awhile. I have seen them pop up back in stock, and I heard the company is doubling their freeze drying capacity soon. Everyone wants good food it seems, not just hikers and preppers! When they do fully come back into stock, I will be stashing a bunch to take with us, be it for lunch on the trail, or for when we travel.

What I liked most about the cups is the clean ingredient list. It’s simple food, it isn’t heavily salty. It is their freeze-dried ingredients made into a ready cup for easy eating.

Sausage Scramble. Eggs, Sausage, Potatoes, and Bell Peppers. Easily prepped.

Now then, what I realized is this simple cup would make great breakfast burritos – just add street taco sized tortillas and some cheese, and you have a filling meal. For $5, that was a lot cheaper than buying a Mountain House breakfast bag and it tasted a lot fresher.

The Berry Blast might remind you of a smoothie bowl, with granola in it. I liked it. It isn’t super sweet, it has a tart taste to it, due to the greek yogurt used in it. Very filling for what at first looks like a small serving. It’s deceiving.

The shelf life is about a year on the cups, due to being in paper cups. So not as long as mylar bags, but easy to eat out.

FCC Disclaimer:

*Thrive sells direct to customers online, all items are offered at a retail price. 15% less off most items, if you buy $99 or more and try the Monthly Delivery (no commitment) and you get free shipping. After the horrible past 19 months of barely being able to find base freeze-dried ingredients, I was happy to find a place I could get most of what I needed for recipe development. I am now a consultant because I found the products to be high quality and I buy so much for recipes we develop. I am not into it for the selling, it’s rather I am so happy to be able to develop recipes again!

The disclaimer: If you order products thru the link, I do receive commission on it. But know I only use affiliate and commission links for products I truly like.


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